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Legal presumption

A presumption brings one to reach specific conclusions based on appearances. In the field of labour law, presumptions sure are good news for the worker. According to section 28, the latter will be spared from having to prove the existence of an actual work-related accident the moment the three (3) facts below are established:..

Permanent impairment of one’s physical or psychological integrity

Whether one is the victim of a work-related accident, an occupational disease, a road traffic accident, or a criminal act, the injuries they sustain must be assessed before any kind of benefits are paid. In practice, a percentage of permanent impairment of the individual’s physical or psychological integrity must be established. As the relevant calculations are based on the Scale of bodily injuries regulation (which was adopted under the authority of the Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases), the notion of impairment is derived from labour law...

Proceedings and deadlines

As the CNESST must base its proceedings on values such as equity, merit, and justice, every ruling it makes must be issued in writing and sufficiently motivated. The injured party who finds themselves in disagreement with a decision rendered by the CNESST can react in any of seven (7) ways described at the end of the document in question.